Saturday, October 17, 2015


Take a look of a latest arrivals at This time we would like to share all comfy abd basic clothes with you that you can find in our favourite on-line shop! We are sure that you will fall in love with that itmes as we are. Enjoy :)

Jeans- Click!
Bag- Click!
Blouse- Click!
Heels- Click!
Coat- Click!
Hat- Click!

Jeans- Click!
Bag- Click!
Coat- Click!
Shoes- Click!
Sweater- Click!
Scarf- Click!

Parka- Click!
Scarf- Click!
Hoodie- Click!
Jeans- Click!
Backpack- Click!
Shoes- Click!


  1. WOW ! :)
    świetne stylizację ;)
    Uwielbiam każde !!! <3
    Świetny blog ;) Zapraszam do mnie ;*


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